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The Best Prices on Alcohol Free Glycerin Extract/Tinctures Starting at Just $6.99 per 2 Ounce Bottle

A Graphic Discussion of the Unique Manufacture of Native Pharmaceuticals Herb Glycerin Extract/Tinctures and Herb Salves Giving Maximum Potency

As available, most all of our dried herbs are organically grown or ethically wildcrafted to assure purity. We use Kosher vegetable glycerin as a base menstruum for all our tinctures. The first process is to slow cook the herbs in the menstruum at 105 degrees for five days. Temperatures exceeding 110 degrees will destroy precious enzymes so great care is given to this part of the three step process. Since enzymes are a very important component of herb therapy, putting alcohol tinctures in boiling water to dissipate the alcohol is not a preferred method due to the potential of destroying these very important enzymes. Glycerin tinctures are for this reason best for children, those who dislike the taste of alcohol and those who like it too much.



After the herbs are slow cooked, and also after each following process, the herbs are pressed at high pressure to extract all the menstruum and the vital components. This also helps break down the fibers of the herb to best extract the medicinal properties. The three-step process in combination with high pressure extracts equal or even greater than alcohol for even the most difficult herbs, without alcohol's negative aspects. Only stainless steel and glass ever come in contact with our herbs during these processes, never aluminum.




The same herbs are then combined with the new glycerin menstruum and pressure cooked at 10 pounds pressure for thirty minutes. This process extracts the vital oils from the herb, another essential component of medicinal herbs. The enzymes have already been extracted in the first menstruum and set aside so there are no enzymes to destroy at the higher temperatures in this process.





The herbs are pressed as before and that menstruum mixed with the first. The same herbs are combined with spring water and boiled hard three separate times for 10, 20 and 30 minutes respectively, pressing the mixture and adding new water each time. This resulting menstruum is then boiled down to a concentrate and mixed with the first two providing a potent herb extract tincture.



Glycerin tincture have a shelf life of 3-5 years and because of stronger potency you use less. We use 2 oz. cobalt blue bottles to give you the most economical buy and assure lasting storage life.

Most of our herbs have a long history in the Native American medicine that existed long before the doctors and "allopathic medicine" of today. Most can reasonably understand that a loving Creator would provide medicine in Nature for His children. Using these natural herbs need not be distasteful. Our glycerin herb extract tinctures provide a pleasant means of supporting the body in overcoming illness and strengthening body functions.

The FDA has not proven the statements herein, nor is it our intent to practice medicine. With all serious illnesses, you should contact a qualified Natural Health Care Provider or Physician. Herbs are a food supplement, if any food allergies or healing crisis develop, discontinue use immediately and seek medical advice.


Our Herb Glycerin Extract Tinctures come in both simple (one) herb tinctures and combination herb tinctures. With 6 combination tinctures and over 50 simple tinctures, we should have the tincture to meet your needs. See our full selection on our online catalog.





We also have herbal salves for your needs.

Antibiotic Salve contains:

Goldenseal, Myrrh Gum, Comfrey root, St. John's Wort, Black Walnut, Plantain, Chickweed & Mountain Sage

Poison Ivy Salve (good for poison oak & sumac also) contains:

Mugwort, Gum Weed, Herba Santa, Sulphur Flower, Echinacea & Plantain

Insect Bite Salve (good for snakebite also) contains:

Echinacea, Plantain, Lobelia, Black Cohosh, Parsley, Skullcap & Pennyroyal

Arnica - St. John's Wort Salve for sprains and muscle pulls.

Comfrey Salve


For more information on herb tinctures and salves contact us at:


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